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History of the mandoc toolset

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History of the names "mandoc" and "mdocml"

Historically, the mandoc toolset used to be called mdocml. That name arose because its original functionality in December 2008 was to convert mdoc(7) input to HTML output ("MDOC to htML"). This original name almost instantly became pars pro toto when mdocml grew a terminal output mode starting on February 20, 2009 and support for the traditional macro language man(7) starting on March 23, 2009. So the program was renamed to mandoc on March 19, 2009, and it was also imported into OpenBSD on April 6, 2009 under the name of mandoc. That's how people became used to referring to the project as mandoc rather than as mdocml.

During the spring of 2014, the main title on the website was changed from mdocml to mandoc to reflect common usage. The old name mdocml continued to be used as a domain name and for the release tarballs up to the 1.14.1 release in February 2017. The last remnants of the old name were finally purged with the 1.14.2 release in July 2017, when the domain name and the name of the release tarballs were also changed to mandoc.

The name mandoc was originally coined by Cynthia Livingston, probably on June 11, 1990, or possibly even earlier, as a command line option to roff, to automatically select the -mdoc or -man macro set depending on the presence of the .Dd or .TH macro in the input file. So it is originally a compound of the three components -m, an, and doc.

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