the AUTHORS section

The normal place to credit the authors of both code and manuals is the AUTHORS section. The normal format to credit an individual author is:
.An Firstname(s) Lastname Aq Mt localpart@domain
If there is more than one author, there are two styles to list them. If you just want to give the names and optionally email addresses without any further information, simply provide one line for each:
.An name Aq Mt email 
.An name Aq Mt email 
Alternatively, select -nosplit mode and write complete sentences, as in the following example:
.An -nosplit 
.Nm sysmerge 
was written by 
.An Antoine Jacoutot Aq Mt . 
It was originally started as a friendly fork from mergemaster by 
.An Douglas Barton Aq Mt .

The MANUAL STRUCTURE and MACRO REFERENCE sections in the mdoc(7) manual.
December 10, 2014