TEST(1) General Commands Manual TEST(1)

condition evaluation utility

test expression

[ expression ]

  1. The standard way to escape a delimiter in a macro argument is to prepend a zero-width space, like this:
    The -? option displays a summary of the commands.
    Appending the zero-width space or enclosing the delimiter in double quotes works too, but isn't recommended because these methods are less commonly used:
    .Fl \&? 
    .Fl ?\& 
    .Fl "?"
  2. If escaping is forgotten, delimiters fall out of the macros. If that leaves the macros empty, they may assume their default arguments. For example,
    .Nm [ Ar expression Cm ]
    [test expression ]
    where the square brackets are not set in bold face.
September 25, 2015 bsd.lv