write configuration tests

Take a portable software package you maintain or care about that already has mdoc(7) manuals or where you consider converting the manuals to mdoc(7). Design and implement configuration tests to decide whether to install mdoc, man, or cat manuals on the target system.

The difficulty of this exercise, and the amount of work required, can vary greatly depending on which build system is used and how it is used. You better have a at least a rough idea what you are doing and some experience with the build system in question, or at least with build systems in general, before attempting this exercise.

If possible, check out a copy of the source repository of the software to work in. Depending on the build system used, merely having a release tarball may or may not be sufficient to do meaningful work on this exercise.
Pay attention to not edit autogenerated files, like ./configure in software using GNU autoconf(1).
An easy test of your changes can probably be done in the checkout area by running the tool to regenerate autogenerated files, then running the configuration script and inspect what it detects.
The ultimate test would be to build a release tarball, than test from that.
September 26, 2014