package autogenerated man and cat

Take a portable software package you maintain or care about that already has mdoc(7) manuals or where you consider converting the manuals to mdoc(7). Design and implement make(1) targets in the distribution tarball build system to generate and package man(7) and cat (preformatted) versions of the existing mdoc(7) manuals.

The difficulty of this exercise, and the amount of work required, can vary greatly depending on the size and complexity of the software package and the build system used. For a large or complex package, familiarity with the build system is probably required.

You must have a checked out copy of the source repository. This exercise cannot be solved starting from a mere release tarball.
If the mdoc(7) versions of the pages have not yet been written, don't waste your time on that, just write two or three ten-line stubs to get started.
Pay attention to not edit autogenerated files, like Makefile if there is also
Try to use make(1) inference (suffix) transformation rules. Avoid writing one rule for each manual page if possible.
To test your changes, build and inspect a release tarball.
September 26, 2014