NTPCTL(8) System Manager's Manual NTPCTL(8)

control the Network Time Protocol daemon

ntpctl -s all | peers | Sensors | status

The vertical bars are not escaped, and the scope of the Cm macro automatically resumes after them, without repeating the macro. The keywords are ordered alphabetically.
Note that there is a slight ambiguity: When providing the peers keyword, the above synopsis line doesn't make it completely clear that the -s option is still required; that synopsis line could be misunderstood in the sense that ntpctl peers were valid syntax and the -s option only belonged to all.
The mdoc(7) language doesn't allow to resolve such ambiguities in the SYNOPSIS; doing so is the job of the DESCRIPTION section.
It would be acceptable to provide a visual cue by suppressing spacing:
ntpctl -s all|peers|Sensors|status
Or equivalently:
ntpctl -s all|peers|Sensors|status
However, in such a simple case, this is not required.
September 22, 2015 bsd.lv