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Projects using mandoc HTML output with their own CSS code

The development of the default mandoc.css file is tightly coupled with the development of the HTML output module, html.c. Consequently, the elements and classes used by mandoc.css do not provide a completely stable interface. While providing a limited degree of backwards compatibilty is attempted for a limited time when making changes to the mandoc HTML output, users may occasionally have to adapt their CSS code to new and changed features in mandoc. Also, very old CSS compatibility features may eventually get dropped, usually after a few years.

Consequently, if using the default mandoc.css file and keeping it in sync with the C code is an option for you, that entails significantly less maintenance effort than maintaining your own CSS code. For example, that approach has been chosen for the Void Linux manual pages. But some projects have good reasons to maintain their own CSS code anyway, and for such cases, that is not discouraged.

If you use your own CSS code with mandoc.css HTML output for a public website not listed here, please contact the mandoc authors to get listed. The purpose isn't that any stability promises would be made, but that we can keep track of what's out there and better judge the impact of API changes during development.

The official online manual pages of the following projects use mandoc HTML output and their own CSS code:

Arch Linux:
RGBDS — Free assembler/linker package for the Game Boy:

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