Puffy mandoc — UNIX manpage compiler — anonymous CVS

Public access to the mandoc source code repository

A copy of the mandoc source code repository is available publicly for anonymous CVS access.

How not to use anonymous CVS

Most people using mandoc will not need this service, and using it will merely complicate matters for no gain. In particular, do not use anonymous CVS for any of the following purposes:

How to use anonymous CVS

Anonymous CVS access is helpful in the following situations:

How to check out from anonymous CVS

To access the public copy of the repository, you need working installations of CVS client software and SSH client software.

If your operating system has sane default settings, the following command ought to be sufficient to create a CVS checkout into the subdirectory mandoc of the current working directory:

$ cvs -d anoncvs@mandoc.bsd.lv:/cvs co mandoc

On some systems, it may be necessary to explicitly specify that you want to use SSH (as opposed to the unencrypted RSH protocol or the built-in :pserver: protocol):

$ export CVS_RSH=ssh
$ cvs -d :ext:anoncvs@mandoc.bsd.lv:/cvs co mandoc

For more details on what anonymous CVS is and how it works, see the OpenBSD page on anonymous CVS. Only part of what is explained there applies to the mandoc repository, though. For general help on CVS, see the GNU info(1) manual on CVS.

Finally, note that the public repository is a copy, not the master repository. It is usually updated after every commit, but it may occasionally lag for a few minutes.

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